Breaking down Hadi Choopan, Nathan De Asha, and the results of the Vancouver Pro 2019.

It was somewhat shocking news when we found out that Hadi Choopan would be competing in the Men’s Open category at the Vancouver Pro 2019. It was much more shocking news when we found out Hadi Choopan had won beating out Nathan De Asha for first place.

Of course, the moment Hadi stepped on stage you felt it in the air. Many fans already knew that Hadi showed up with such incredible size and conditioning that he had a real shot of winning. So maybe the actual moment of him earning the first place trophy didn’t seem like a shocker to those in the room or watching updates online.

For the rest of the world just casually keeping track though, this was a crazy development. Seeing a traditional Men’s 212 competitor step up and take down athletes from Men’s Open is not something you see every day. And it now brings to question where Hadi Choopan’s future will go from here.

Content partner Williams Fitness has put together a video showcasing highlights from the Vancouver Pro 2019 and also breaking down the results, how it all went down, and what this means for the future of these athletes. You can check it all out above!

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