Breon Ansley isn’t slowing down after losing his Olympia title last weekend.

To many fans, the decision in the Olympia 2019 Classic Physique competition was a controversial one. Returning champion Breon Ansley was not crowned victor – and instead Chris Bumstead earned the top spot. Both of these athletes are incredible bodybuilders and we respect the judges decision. But the fan outcry is just proof of how close the competition really was and just how hungry the other competitors were to take Breon down.

Of course, Breon isn’t the kind of guy to slow down and in this recent video training footage we see him training like a beast as he prepares for his next bodybuilding competition this weekend at the Italy Pro. Will he be able to redeem himself with a first place win? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, you can check out his training update alongside other top pros in this compilation video put together by Fazi Fitness above. The weeks following Mr. Olympia always showcase a handful of truly big shows with the top competitors making rounds while they are still in tip top shape with their physique.

So stay tuned to Fazi Fitness by subscribing to his official YouTube channel for frequent training updates as we head into more exciting bodybuilding competitions!


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