Steroid use in the UK is reaching record highs.

At this point, everyone who even has a minute understanding of the bodybuilding world understands that steroid use is something that is prevalent within the culture. In fact, many of the uninitiated believe that almost everyone with a fit and muscular physique is on some kind of steroid cocktail. The truth is, without hard work and dedication to consistent training, a person won’t make quality gains. But that doesn’t mean steroids aren’t an issue in the community.

Men’s Health UK delved into the rampant use of steroids in Britain and the info they receive is both par for the course yet eye opening. Take a look at the video to get an inside look into the happenings into the British Steroid scene.

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  1. It doesn’t need to be “tackled”. What business is it of anyone’s what someone else is doing? As long as they aren’t harming somebody else or someone else’s property, than it isn’t a problem. The only problem is that people think that it is ok to use government as a tool to force others to conform to their own opinions. Opinions are subjective and are what cause wars and problems. What should we do about the epidemic of stupid people?

  2. Why are a site that wright about Bodybuilding so ageinst. Do you realy think that the men on the Olympia stage is natural?? This is too stupid for me so now i stop folowing generation Fitnes

  3. If anyone is willing to put anything in their body just because someone has told them works and with out researching themselves needs their head seeing to… let’s perform an experiment, I’ll take 100 dianabol and you take 100 paracetamol and we’ll see who’s alive in the morning…

  4. In Sweden they are crazy about steorids and pick up people from the street that are big and bring them in for drugtest and do raids in there home and if you have a positive test they take your driving licens and its in the same categori as cannabis

  5. Make ’em legal and regulate them. This is just like Cannabis, plenty of responsible people using them the right way that shouldn’t be turned into criminals because of a health choice they make that effects only them. some steroids, like Testosterone, when used correctly, can vastly improve a mans life style and health.

    • IKR! And its why I keep telling my American male friends, go to the Low-T center and get yourself on 200ml of Testosterone a week. Its safe and will change your life (and its pretty easy to get on).

    • There are hundreds of different steroid types. They don’t all make you big and they don’t all make you strong. And everybody’s agenda is different. Just because he’s on steroids that doesn’t mean he’s trying to be a mass monster. Athletes in major sports use steroids all the time, can you tell? No. Cause he ain’t trying to be Phil Heath.

  6. I didn’t read this but the guy in the thumbnail is full of shit. You don’t like feeling amazingly strong and horny all the time? Wrong roids bruh you better put down the Winny and pick up the tren.


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