Akim Williams lifts heavy weight like Ronnie Coleman – but can he take his physique to the next level?

Akim Williams has gained attention in the past few years as he begins to make traction on the bodybuilding stage. But he is also becoming more recognized for one factor beyond the stage – his incredible strength.

Akim is known today as one of, if not THE, strongest bodybuilder currently competing in the sport. He throws up heavy weight on a level that we haven’t seen since the likes of Johnny O. Jackson or more famously Ronnie Coleman. But the big question is whether or not Akim can parlay his incredible strength into building a massive and perfect physique? He has yet to crack into the top 3 at the Mr. Olympia and thus hasn’t been seen as a true threat. But can that change?

Bodybuilding For Life has put together a video “review” of Akim Williams asking the question as to whether or not Akim can become the next Ronnie Coleman. That’s a tall task but is it truly impossible? Find out in the video above!

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