Can Victor Martinez get an Olympia qualification in time for this year?

The clock is ticking and there are not that many more opportunities for an athlete to qualify for the Mr. Olympia 2019. But that’s not stopping Victor Martinez from pushing his hardest to get that qualification and step up onto the Olympia stage this year.

Victor Martinez has been in the game for quite some time – and in recent years his pro bodybuilding career has been a rollercoaster ride. In 2007, he was the top contender to win Mr. Olympia and just narrowly missed his chance at a Sandow trophy being beaten by Jay Cutler. Many people believe that he should have won that day – but personal issues rear-ended Victor’s career and he has never been able to quite recover and get back to what he was in 2007.

Now we are over 10 years later and Victor still pushes and gives his all with ups and downs throughout the years. Will 2019 end on a high note for Victor with an Olympia qualification and another chance to prove his worth? Or will it end in a whimper? Fazi Fitness‘ latest video compilation showcases Victor’s most recent training prep. Do you think he’ll make it into the big show come September?

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