NPC News Online announces special Olympia invite for Cedric McMillan.

Earlier this week it was revealed that Cedric McMillan would not qualify to the Mr. Olympia 2019. This was due to a lack of points after competitors at the Tampa Pro earned high enough placings to bump Cedric down and out of the qualifying threshold.

Now NPC News Online has announced that Cedric McMillan would be receiving a special Olympia invitation – nulling the points system for Cedric an earning him a spot on the stage with his fellow competitors. This special invitation seems to come after Cedric McMillan sent a formal request to the IFBB Pro League stating that he was unable to compete in a bodybuilding show during the summer due to long duration military field training.

According to his formal request:

“I had planned to compete in one of the summer shows to solidify my position and to hopefully secure a qualification.  But my obligation to participate in several long duration field exercises would not allow the necessary access to food, training or rest required to properly prepare without neglecting my duty to my mission, my soldiers and my country.”

– Cedric McMillan

Check out the full details from Generation Iron’s very own Nick Trigili in our GI Exclusive video news update above.


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