The countdown continues towards the Classic Physique Olympia.

Due to a variety of factors throughout this year, the Men’s Open Mr. Olympia 2019 might not be as stellar as years past. We don’t have Big Ramy and most likely won’t have Phil Heath to shake things up amongst the top athletes on the stage. So we won’t get an exciting possible comeback story for Phil Heath or the underdog finally winning story for Big Ramy. Narratively, there’s not much to be as hyped about for the Men’s Open Olympia 2019.

That’s why a lot of extra attention has been brought to the Classic Physique division. Still relatively young and full of more and more top tier athletes as the years pass – the Classic Physique Olympia 2019 will be a true spectacle of master physiques and an epic battle on the stage for champion status.

Fazi Fitness has put together his latest compilation video showcasing the physiques and training prep of the qualified Classic Physique competitors now only 13 weeks out from the Olympia. Check it out above and let us know who you think will take the gold!

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