What will the end look like for Dennis Wolf’s epic comeback story?

2017 was a bad year in many people’s eyes – this holds true in bodybuilding as well. There were some tragic deaths that broke our hearts and for many fans of Big Ramy, there was a missed chance at a new Mr. Olympia champion. There was also one incredible bodybuilder that we didn’t get to see compete – Dennis Wolf. Due to a major surgery, Wolf was unable to compete in 2017. But he was able to start training again and begin what could be a very amazing comeback story.

2018 could be a truly exciting year as we will see the return of Dennis Wolf – a fan favorite competitor and one that almost always lands in the top 5 of the Mr. Olympia competition. Our content partner Bodybuilding For Life has put together a motivational supercut of Dennis Wolf’s transformation and progress as he trains to compete again in 2018. What will the end of Dennis Wolf’s comeback look like? Only time will tell – but we will certainly have our eyes on him in the coming months. Check out this epic comeback video above!

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