As long as he is above ground… it’s still his mutha fuckin’ set.

Earlier this year, CT Fletcher received a successful heart transplant that saved his life. Known for his intense motivation and hardcore training energy – many wondered how this second near death heart scare would effect his future mentality towards training. While it definitely has changed – this video compiled by Williams Fitness showcasing his recovery efforts prove one thing – he is still fighting with every ounce of energy left in his body. The same way he trained in the gym is the same way he’s going to train to bring himself back to full recovery.

The video is inspiring yet very tough to watch. At one moment, CT attempts some sprinting with a breather mask only to suddenly collapse and land straight on his face – cracking his forehead open. But he later faces the camera and makes it clear… why is he doing this to himself? Because as long as he is alive – it’s still his mutha fuckin’ set. That’s all we need to know CT – and we continue to wish you the best of luck and support as you recover. Watch the video above!

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