CT Fletcher hasn’t given up yet, neither should you.

CT Fletcher is a man who is known for his speeches and his intensity. He is beloved by many for his passionate outlook on living life to the fullest and working hard to keep it that way. For CT Fletcher – living to the fullest is through releasing the fire inside him. Whether that fire is in the gym, or on stage during a speech doesn’t matter. He makes sure to let it all out; to motivate and inspire others; and to continue to push himself forward no matter how hard things get.

That’s what makes him such a well known figure in the fitness and lifting community. Bodybuilding at it’s heart is about the strength and determination to overcome all challenge and transform yourself. CT Fletcher might not look like a bodybuilder – but he has the mindset of one. This speech cut to some of his most memorable training footage (by our content partner Alex Kalts Motivation) just might be the culmination of everything CT Fletcher stands for. Watch it above and try not to get inspired. We dare you.

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