Dennis James explains why he thinks Big Ramy made the right move leaving Camel Crew.

Big Ramy is a big mystery going into the Mr. Olympia 2019. He has had some major highs in years past – namely his near-victory over Phil Heath in 2017. But he’s also had some lows – specifically his huge step down when he showed up to the Mr. Olympia 2018. This duality in his physique appearances leaves us with a big question mark as to what we will see this year.

One big change that has fans hopeful is Big Ramy’s decision to leave the Camel Crew, leave Kuwait, and start training with Neil Hill. As of now we don’t know what kind of transformation this will bring – but a change is better than no change at this point in Big Ramy’s career.

Dennis James seems to agree as he has chimed in with his thoughts on Big Ramy’s direction this year. According to him, moving away from Kuwait was the right move and things can only go up from here. 2019 will be the ultimate test to see if it all works out. Check out Dennis James’ full response in the video above – compiled here by Fazi Fitness!

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