Dennis James thinks this year’s Mr. Olympia will be very interesting.

The most exciting thing going into 2019 is wondering how the Mr. Olympia will play out this year. With Phil Heath already dethroned and Shawn Rhoden the new king – there are a lot of variables at play when it comes to who will be the 2019 champion. Will Phil Heath return better than ever and reclaim his throne? Will Shawn Rhoden repeat a victory? Will a third competitor, someone like Big Ramy or Roelly Winklaar, step up to shake things up again?

There hasn’t been so much uncertainty in the Olympia for a very long time – which makes for a lot of hype and excitement building over the year as we slowly march towards the next Mr. Olympia.

Dennis James has already thrown in his opinion holding these very sentiments – he believes that Shawn Rhoden has been beaten by many athletes in the Olympia for many years of competing – so he has a good chance of being taken down. A much easier chance than Phil Heath in his past years as Olympia champion. Check out the video above, compiled here by Fazi Fitness, for his full thoughts on the matter.

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