Cedric McMillan got a special Olympia invite – should Big Ramy as well?

Many fans were bummed to hear that Cedric McMillan got bumped out of the Olympia 2019 this year due to a lack of points – that issue was quickly remedied by the IFBB Pro League when they offered Cedric a special invitation to compete.

While this was great for fans who want to see Cedric up there, it also opened the floodgates for the obvious question – if Cedric can get a special invite, what about other athletes who’s talents surely deserve to be on stage?

Big Ramy is the top name that comes to mind. An athlete who would have surely made it into the Olympia qualifying list if a minor injury didn’t keep him out. The injury wasn’t enough to set him back from having a prepped physique for Olympia, but it was enough to keep him out of a qualifying show so that he couldn’t make the list.

Dennis James has chimed in with his thoughts after fans sent along this question to him on social media. Our content partner Fazi Fitness has put together the video above. What does the bodybuilding guru Dennis James think? Find out!

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