Dennis James thinks Phil Heath should act NOW and not wait a year to compete.

Phil Heath seems to be hinting that he will be competing this year to regain the Mr. Olympia crown – but as of now he has not officially stated as such. So leave it to Dennis James, compiled in this video by Fazi Fitness, to jump in and give his thoughts on the future of the 7x Mr. Olympia champion.

In his mind, Dennis believes that Phil should NOT wait until next year to compete but instead act now and come back with a vengeance. He believes that Phil Heath has more than a good chance to come back this year and win another trophy at the Olympia. In Dennis’ eyes, Phil Heath is far from done being a formidable force on the bodybuilding stage.

So do you think Phil will compete this year or take a break? Do you think he can win it again? Watch Dennis’ thoughts in the video above and let us now your thoughts in the comments!

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