If Phil fixes his gut problems… he will definitely win the Mr. Olympia again.

Things might not be over for Phil Heath as a Mr. Olympia champion. While it’s rare for a bodybuilder to lose the Mr. Olympia and then come back to win again – it has happened before. On top of that Phil Heath is far from at the bottom of his prime. Dennis James realizes this and, in his latest video compiled by Fazi Fitness, explains why he thinks we’ll see Phil Heath as a 8x Mr. Olympia champion at a later date.

It all comes down to the gut. Phil Heath still looks amazing in every single other area except his midsection. So if he was able to fix that one problem area, he would return to being the perfect icon of a Mr. Olympia champion… and most likely win again. But the gut problem is a big if – as Phil has been criticized for this problem for the past few years with no real solution in sight. Yes, Phil improved this year compared to 2017 but his midsection was still weaker than needed. Will this path of improvement show dividends in 2019 or perhaps 2020?

It’s hard to say without knowing Phil Heath’s future plans to compete – but if he does and he takes his loss as a sign to step things up, he just might come back with a win on the Olympia stage in the next few years. Check out Dennis James’ analysis above!

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