Dennnis James goes on the record for who he thinks is the best bodybuilding guru.

Behind every athlete is usually a master mentor or trainer. That holds true for bodybuilding as well in the form of what many call gurus. These are coaches or trainers who seem to have the ‘secret’ to optimizing training and nutrition to sculpt the perfect physique… and also to adapt upon seeing how an athlete’s body reacts to the training and diet.

Gurus have been met with much controversy lately – some believing that gurus aren’t needed at all. But in this video above, Dennis James talks about who he thinks the most important gurus are – the ones that actually make a difference. He also lays down who the best bodybuilding guru is today. Check it out above in this clip courtesy of Fazi Fitness.

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  1. gurus are for weak minded bodybuilders, the truth is nobody can know your body better than you, cedric mcmillan used a guru before then decided to do his diet on his own and he won his last show, so all this time he could have being doing it himself and save money.


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