A lot has changed over the year for the Olympia 2019 lineup. Dennis James breaks down the top contenders.

This year’s Mr. Olympia is going to be unlike others in recent years. This is mostly due to who will not be there rather than who will be there. Phil Heath is still staying quiet but most are assuming he will not compete, Big Ramy is off the table for 2019 due to an injury, and the recent allegations against Shawn Rhoden have put him, for now at least, unable to compete.

This basically means that everyone’s predictions for the Men’s Open Mr. Olympia 2019 are completely off base now. With a completely shifted lineup, the predictions for top contenders has to be re-arranged. That’s why Dennis James has posted a video on social media re-evaluating his thoughts on the top contenders for this year’s big Olympia face off.

Content partner Fazi Fitness has compiled the video above. What do you think with Dennis’ assessment? Let us know if you agree or disagree in the comments!

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