Dennis James discussed the critical outcry to Shawn Rhoden’s recent guest posing.

One of the biggest trending topics in bodybuilding regarding our current Olympia champion is Shawn Rhoden’s guest posing at the Pittsburgh Pro 2019. Admittedly, Shawn Rhoden did not look great – but of course this was Shawn’s offseason and most bodybuilders bulk before cutting down closer to the show.

The criticism here is when people start comparing Shawn’s offseason physique at the Pittsburgh Pro to his offseason physique last year. The consensus – he looks worse. Now this is all just a guessing game as many things can change between now and the Mr. Olympia but that won’t stop fans from talking and speculating.

That’s why Dennis James has decided to chime in with his thoughts on not only Shawn Rhoden’s physique – but also the critical outcry that has happened since he revealed himself on stage in Pittsburgh. You can check it out in the video above compiled here by Fazi Fitness!

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