Big Ramy seems to be dropping wait – is this a good or a bad thing?

Big Ramy’s problem has always been his conditioning. Some fans believe that he has always focused too much on the “big” in his name. He seems to seek himself out to be the next Ronnie Coleman, a titan of size and shred that earned him eight Mr. Olympia titles. But this hasn’t worked out too well for the top pro bodybuilder contender. Instead he has wobbled back and forth between being “so-close-to-winning” and too unconditioned to hold a candle to the champ.

Now he has a new trainer, left Kuwait, and is trying new tactics for a new and improved Big Ramy in 2019. And we can already see that he has dropped size. This might be a good thing allowing him to hone in his conditioning more. But we’re still far out from seeing a competition ready Big Ramy to know for sure.

That’s why guru Dennis James has chimed in with his thoughts on Big Ramy’s recent video updates and dropped size. Does he think this is a good sign for a better Big Ramy at Olympia 2019? Find out in the video, compiled here by Fazi Fitness, above!

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