Dennis James makes a call to action to bodybuilding fans – get Kai Greene back on the pro stage.

Every single year since Kai Greene stepped down from bodybuilding has presented the same question – will Kai come back and compete. With every Arnold Classic and every Olympia the rumors start flying with “inside sources” claiming he will pull an Arnold Schwarzenegger and surprise show up on the pro stage. It has yet to happen.

But now that Phil Heath has lost the Olympia – the bodybuilding fans and even experts are spinning in circles. Pontificating, begging, and even demanding that Kai Greene use this to come back and win the Mr. Olympia. One such expert is Dennis James who recently took to social media to make a call to action.

He wants all bodybuilding fans to unite and ask Kai in one voice – PLEASE come back to pro bodybuilding. Perhaps this will gain steam? Who knows but the rumor mill and the hype train is bigger than ever for the man that still remains The People’s Champ despite not competing for over three years. Check out the video above!

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