Dennis Wolf’s comeback was a welcome return at the Arnold Classic 2018.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Dennis Wolf compete on stage. This was due to a major neck surgery that prevented him from training. The Arnold Classic 2018 is the first time that he has competed since the surgery – a comeback of sorts. And while he didn’t have enough time to come to full level Big Bad Wolf – seeing him back on stage and on the path towards physique perfection is exciting regardless. Watch his full posing routine from the Arnold Classic 2018 above!



  1. As a true fan of bodybuilding, I try not to state the obvious. The guy was injured and lost a tremendous amount of size, and like Levrone, elected to come back and compete. In a short amount of time too. I’m sure he’s well aware he needs more size but I’m also sure he has thousands and thousands of fans that were psyched to see him bring as much as he could physically muster to the competition. I have no critique for him that he doesn’t already know, just respect.


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