Derek Lunsford: “Hadi has nothing to lose in the Men’s Open.”

While many fans were excited to see Hadi Choopan take a shot at the Men’s Open and see where he places – there are also fans who are disappointed that they won’t be able to see Hadi take a shot at becoming Men’s 212 champion. After years of not being able to compete in the Mr. Olympia due to visa issues – it appears that Hadi’s decision to compete in the Men’s Open guarantees that he won’t earn a first place trophy as he has only competed in Men’s Open one time before.

But what does Derek Lunsford think about not being able to compete against what many consider to be the best Men’s 212 athlete currently competing? Fans asked Lunsford this question on social media and he responded with a well thought out and honest answer.

Lunsford believes that Hadi Choopan has more to lose by competing in Men’s 212 than he does if he competes in the Men’s Open. According to Lunsford, if Hadi loses in Men’s 212 – that would be a major loss and huge disappointment to fans who believe him to be the best in the division. But no one will expect that same kind of placing if Hadi Choopan competes in the Men’s Open. If he so much as places somewhere respectably in Men’s Open it will be seen as a huge victory (and possibly still more prize money). So it’s a win/win for Hadi’s reputation in the sport.

Of course, we have no idea if that’s the real reason why Hadi Choopan decided to compete in Men’s Open. But it’s interesting to see Hadi’s biggest threat in Men’s 212 respond with his take on the decision just a few days before the big show. Content partner Fazi Fitness has compiled the full video above – check it out for yourself!

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