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After 12 spinal surgeries, Ronnie Coleman finds himself back in the gym.

Call it crazy, call it stupid, or call it amazing – but Ronnie Coleman is still in love with training hard in the gym. Of course he can’t train like he did in his prime but the fact that he is dedicated to coming back into the gym and lifting somewhat heavy weight after 12 spinal surgeries is absolutely insane.

Content partner Bodybuilding For Life has put together a video compilation showcasing the latest training videos posted by Ronnie on his social media – taking care of some cardio and also hitting it hard with the leg press. For fans of Ronnie it is truly a sight to behold… and for those worried of his health it might cause you to wonder why he’s still doing this. Whatever your opinion is – his dedication to his passion is surely a fascinating thing indeed. Check it out above!

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