Dexter Jackson updates his fans after an exhausting week.

Dexter Jackson is one of the most decorated pro bodybuilders of all times. And it makes sense – as he has been competing longer than most bodybuilders do in their entire careers. You’ve probably read the thousands of articles talking about Dexter Jackson defying the limits of age and wondering when he will eventually retire. Yet here we are again, another year and he hasn’t stopped.

But his recent video post, compiled here by Williams Fitness, hints that maybe the end is on the horizon. After a week or so of Dexter being off the online grid, his latest video update expresses that he was just completely exhausted after the Olympia weekend and the week that followed. He then follows up by saying he doesn’t know how many more Olympia weekends he can take.

Could this be a sign that he’s ready to retire? Or is this just a moment of exasperation after a very intense week? We won’t know for sure but make sure to check out the full video above and decide for yourself!

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