Dexter Jackson has some of the most inspiring posing of the Arnold Classic 2018.

Dexter Jackson was one of the top contenders to win the Arnold Classic 2018 – and it was a close fight between him and William Bonac. But while Dexter’s physique might not have had just the right amount of perfection to beat out Bonac… he did have one of the best posing routines of the weekend. Dexter brings class back to posing – and it’s all too apparent from Saturday night’s finals posing routine. Watch the full clip from the Arnold Classic 2018 above!



  1. Fiel ejemplo de que la edad es solo un numero,deckter al parecer es el culturistica con mas arnoldclasic en el cuerpo ,un crack y leyenda de este hermoso deporte

  2. For those that say dexter should have won… do you even know how to score a bodybuilding show? Or are all of y’all caught up in the board shorts to know what bodybuilding is?


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