Watch the replay of Dexter Jackson’s Olympia 2019 prejudging routine.

When Dexter Jackson stepped on stage for his posing routine – it marked his 20th Mr. Olympia competition. Think about that for a second. That’s two decades of competing in the Mr. Olympia – and in recent years he’s been consistently landing in the top 6 (with the exception of last year). So despite his age, it should come as no surprise that many fans thought that he could in fact win the Mr. Olympia this year especially with the likes of Shawn Rhoden and Phil Heath out of the race.

Unfortunately, based on the prejudging that might not be the case. If the callout lineups are to be believed it looks as if the judges are sizing up Dexter to battle it out for the fifth place spot. But of course it’s not over until those results are finally announced – so anything can happen until tonight’s finals.

Regardless, Dexter Jackson is still one of the most legendary bodybuilders currently competing on the Olympia stage this weekend – and his posing routine was still something to marvel at. That’s why Williams Fitness has put together the replay video of Jackson’s prejudging posing routine. You can check it out in the video above! Do you think he can rise up past the predicted fifth place ranking that we saw in the comparison rounds? Let us know your thought sin the comments!

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