Speculating about coach contracts and athlete income in light of William Bonac’s recent posts.

Yesterday, William Bonac posted a long rant on his Instagram stories revealing that he had fired his trainer Neil Hill. Not only that, but he started bashing Neil Hill’s method – claiming that he was ripping his athletes off taking a 40% cut of competition earnings and not providing a lot of benefits for the athlete in return.

Of course at this point we don’t know what the true story is – as there are two sides of it between William and Neil Hill. But in the bigger picture this brings to light the topic of a pro bodybuilders source of income… and where that money goes in the process of actively training and competing.

Content partner Williams Fitness uses the William Bonac vs Neil Hill situation as a jumping off point to discuss and speculate over the true value of a bodybuilding guru or coach, how much they should be getting paid, and how much money a pro athlete should be expected to spend in the first place given the current state of prize money at bodybuilding competitions.

Obviously an athlete’s own brand and sponsorships come into play here – but the William Bonac story might just reveal the true nature of income for professional bodybuilders in this sport. Is Bonac simply an exception to the rule? Or an example of what most pro bodybuilders go through? Watch the video above and decide for yourself!

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