Kenny K.O. goes into detail on why he decided to stop using steroids.

The steroids conversation has existed around athletes and lifters for decades now. This is not specific to bodybuilding but to the athletic endeavor as a whole. Some people will do anything to achieve the next level – and for some that includes taking steroids. While many media outlets will try and pain steroids as completely bad or completely fine… the reality is that steroids are more complicated than that. That’s why Kenny K.O. went on the record talking about his experience doing a steroid cycle and why he decided to stop for good.

This isn’t a full on condemning of steroids nor is it a full endorsement of it. Instead, he simply breaks down the real world threats that steroids can cause the human body and how he weighed those risks and decided to make his decision based on that. Each individual is different and seeing this kind of thoughtful approach to the decision, “should I take steroids or not” might inspire you all to take an honest look at it as well. Check out the video above!

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  1. Exactly point made if you ain’t gonna go pro and don’t plan to be in that circle DONT TOUCH GEAR can’t even count how many ex pros talk and say they still
    Have to use a test or for instance Seth feroce says he runs all the time
    He has too so it has life long effects you have to decide are you gonna go pro is it worth it to you because it ain’t cheap

  2. Yeah no longer on “steroids” sure. Now it’s just TRT, 250mg of cyp a week. Honestly once you head down that road natural T production will never be the same. No more Dbol or Tren maybe, but still got that T. Now there is nothing wrong with that I’m just sayin.

  3. Opinions on steroids are like opinions about religion. Everyone thinks their way is the right way, and everyone else’s way is the devil. I have no problem being on TRT and enjoyed being in fantastic shape in my late 30s. No competing at all, cycling responsibly many many times. I made an informed, well thought-out, decision and have no regrets. If it’s not for you, don’t do it. Just stop pretending you know jack shit about steroids, what they do, and how bad they are for you. To those of us that have spent years learning about them, these comments are laughable at best.

  4. Coming of gear doesn’t make you natty, you still have carry over with strength and size, true you will loose some but there will still be some carry over and if your a atherlete competing in sports it does carry over,


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