Great insight into one of the trickiest aspects of fitness.

Eating healthy can be a confusing and daunting task for anyone. Watch Ron Williams break it down for you step by step as he points out which foods he buys and how he prepares them to eat clean and stay in shape.

It’s interesting how much emphasis he puts on eating organic. It turns out non-organic foods can have hormones and chemicals which actually inhibit fat loss! These are the kinds of key tips and tricks you need to know heading into clean eating. It can be so tempting (especially on a night out) to stuff your face with burgers and fries, a milkshake, sodas, etc…but the path to eating right can be made so much easier if you’re eating well! Ron chooses a lot of healthy, organic foods, raw foods that can be used in multiple meals, and pays special attention to his nutrient macros and caloric intake. Healthy food can be filling too if you do it right!

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