We will never forget these incredible athletes that we lost too soon.

Last year’s tragic deaths of Dallas McCarver and Rich Piana left many in the bodybuilding world speechless – but sadly this isn’t the first example of young bodybuilding athletes leaving us too soon. Our friends over at Raiden Motivation has made an emotional and respectful tribute to the bodybuilders we have lost throughout the history of competitive bodybuilding. One part cautionary tale, one part memorial to some spectacular athletes that were willing to risk anything to become the best – watch the full video above and pay your respects to some of the best in the industry.

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    • ampak ljudje pozabljajo,da so ti posamezniki ziveli svoje sanje in so vedeli v kaj se spuscajo,vecina zivi 70+….pa sploh nikoli niso ziveli,samo iz dneva v dan brez kakega cilja,smisla…

    • It’s not a sport.

      There is no real measure to decide who wins or loses lol. If the physiques on stage are very similar then all it takes is a different set of judges that could change the results.

      One judge places you first but the other places you third etc.

      Plus there is no performance when you are on stage. You’ve either already won or already lost.

      PS Stevie Dale guarantee Rav’s bigger and leaner than you lol

    • “all it takes is a different set of judges that could change the results.”

      Then Boxing and MMA are not sports, because close matches are decided by different sets of judges?

    • I quoted your boyfriend there chief. His words, not mine. And by his definition, Boxing and MMA are not sports.

      Never played a sport in my life. Lol. That is rich. You couldn’t hold my jock if your life depended on it.

      Your trolling is pretty terrible, and about as witty as a middle aged iraqi DM’ing a girl for bob and vagine pics.

    • I would look at it as a sport. But more so that the day to day grind/workouts are the sport and you are trying to over power you opponent (in this case your mind and fatigue). The stage is more like the end of year prize giving

    • El’dad Dean the fact of the matter is, it is not a sport lol. You can act alpha on this thread all you want but it still doesn’t change the fact that bodybuilding is not a sport.

      Not only is it judged subjectively, but there’s no athletic ability performed on the actual stage when it comes to show day.

      With boxing and MMA it’s a little different. You have to perform and sometimes you get unlucky. (Knocked out )

      I’ve been on stage multiple times and will do it again some time again in the future so don’t think I’m hating on bodybuilding.

      Powerlifting, oly’ lifting, cross fit etc – those are scored objectively. You have to perform during contest day and get scored on points unlike bodybuilding where you stand there and pose and one judge places you first but the other thinks you deserve third.

      I never meant to offend you. Agree to disagree

      Rav Man

  1. I’ve always had a lot of respect for people willing to risk their life/health to be the best at what they do regardless of what it consists of. It’s definitely the ultimate sacrifice. Clearly a lot of you will disagree but it’s just my opinion. I always compare bodybuilding sacrifices to playing football because in the nfl you have a huge risk of injury and the possibility of CTE which has a possible result of suicide.


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