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Ric Drasin explains why the concept of burning fat in specific areas of your body is a complete and total myth.

For anyone who is trying to lose weight – one of the most frustrating aspects is not being able to lose it in specific areas. Belly fat or big thighs while the rest of your body “feels” skinny can be the bane of our existence. That’s why there a thousands of diet and training plans claiming that they have the key to burning fat in a very specific spot to free you of all your pain and worries.

Ric Drasin is here to tell you that it’s all complete bullsh*t. Spot reduction as it’s called is basically impossible to accomplish. Yes, if you diet correctly and train hard you will eventually drop the pounds – but some areas will stick around longer than others throughout the process. But to “target” specific areas from the beginning doesn’t really work the way many training and diet plans will have you believe. Watch Drasin’s video above to get the full details above!

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