These four bodybuilders went too far.

While the matters of the heart are certainly never simple to deal with, their are just some cases where things can get messy, in fact fatally so. While some bodybuilders have been involved in scandals over the years, it’s always shocking to learn about those who took their misdeeds to a catastrophic level.

These four bodybuilders took things to the extreme and actually ended up harming their loved ones making for some very tragic and horrific cases. Take a look at the video courtesy of the YouTube channel BODYBUILDING to see who these four bodybuilders were and what drove them over the edge.

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  1. Steroids have nothing with that. They use that as an excuse to act crazy. Look at all the hrt guys none of them nor 99 percent of the bodybuilders do anything. But if 1 does then omg steroids which is bs

    • Then you should know this, every race kill brothers and sisters. No colour is exceptional. I would have love to point you to recent number of white cops killing black extrajudiciously but there’s no need for that.

      No body is clean from this.

    • They’re killing them in self-defense because their lifes were threatened by the suspects the suspects played stupid games they won a stupid prize. Was the suspect’s actions that got them killed the courts agree they followed the proper procedures. Course every race has killed its own family members however black family members and spouses kill each other the most in any other race. Its a Statistical fact not a opinion

    • Investigation reports and court verdicts. However some of the police shootings are still under investigation and no Court verdict has been reached yet and there are some where the cops have been found guilty. The bigger question is where do you get your conclusions from?


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