Brasil just might take over bodybuilding in the form of Rafael Brandão.

Rafael Brandão is an up and coming Men’s Open bodybuilder from Brasil that is turning a lot of heads across the globe. That’s because of his insane genetics and impressive physique that is rising rapidly through the ranks in IFBB competitions. While he has yet to crack into the top 5 of a major competition – he is well on his way – and we have the first in depth look into his journey featured in Generation Iron 3.

Going into the heart of Brasil and following his journey across a handful of competitions, Rafael is dead set on not only becoming one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time but to also put Brasil on the map for bodybuilding. The country has had a passionate and growing fanbase for quite some time and are now looking to truly bring its athletes into the international spotlight.

Check out this first preview look into Rafael Brandão in Generation Iron 3 with this teaser trailer above!

Generation Iron 3 will be available on December 7, 2018! You can pre order it today on digital and DVD by clicking here or the banner below:


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