The Generation Iron Network launches sister websites in Brasil, Russia, and Iran.

While the Mr. Olympia competition, the Super Bowl of the bodybuilding industry, is held in the United States of America every year – the sport of bodybuilding is a truly international endeavor. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s very own bodybuilding competition, the Arnold Classic, has locations in the US, Brasil, China, Australia, and Spain. So it should come as no surprise that the Generation Iron Fitness Network has announced the launch of three sister websites dedicated to releasing bodybuilding content specific to their local territories.

Managed and operated by passionate locals of each territory launched – the Generation Iron Fitness Network now has international websites in Brasil, Russia, and Iran. These websites will also be taking the massive archive of original video content contained on the US site and translate it for their respective countries.

This comes not long after the recent announcement that Generation Iron Networks would be distributing the much anticipated third sequel, Generation Iron 3 – which will put it’s focus across the globe asking the bottom line question: What is the perfect physique?




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