George Brown has no problem displaying his confidence at Olympia 2017.

Some heated news came from the Olympia 2017 press conference – but we’re not talking about Phil Heath, Big Ramy, or any of the Men’s Open competitors. One of the most exciting moments came from George Brown – the Men’s Physique competitor who called out Jeremy Buendia leading to a very heated argument.

Shawn Ray followed up with George Brown at the Expo to get more insight into exactly what happened and what was going through Georges head when he confidently and verbally attacked the reigning Men’s Physique Olympia champ. Watch the full interview above!



  1. Hate to steal a quote from Conor McGregor cuz he’s so annoying and disrespectful, but I would have fucking lost it if Jeremy had looked at him and said, “Who the fook are you???” And belittling him like that would have been totally appropriate and deserved…

  2. if the IFBB Men’s Physique MR O title could be judged not by the body of the competitor but for their sense of humor, WE GOT A WINNER!! George Brown, great joke, you’re not even going top 5 bro!

  3. Not taking sides here but this sport needs a little more shit like this. Sure there’s a lot of behind the scenes beef between some of the competitors but if they want to mainstream bodybuilding, there has to be more public drama like this. It’s just how it is. It’s honestly good for the sport. Now I’m not saying turn it into the WWE like UFC is becoming, but spice this shit up some. Start some shit. Stir the pot. Phil is basically over Kai and that’s all we had. Lol


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