Use this exercise to improve your traps.

We all know how impressive it is to see someone in the gym with massive traps. It makes a whole lot of difference. But Often, when guys are trying to get bigger traps, they tend implement the wrong techniques.

Check out this video as it demonstrates the proper form and technique for attaining those impressive traps you’ve always wanted.



  1. No wtf dumbbells for isolate and height and barbell for thickness. 3×10-15 go heavy, tuck in your chin and squeeze at the top and hold for a second. Don’t lift with ego, lift with form and they will grow

  2. Does this guy even lift. He really doesn’t look like he’s ever touched a weight. Muscles grow from shocking them. Traps grow from heavy weight, period. Real a very simple muscle to train.

    • I quit doing deadlifts in March after my hernia. Currently my traps are the biggest they ever been and I don’t do a crazy amount of shrugs either. To be honest I don’t miss deadlifts at all nor the gains associated with them. Everyone is different though

  3. Yep I do shrugs like that all the time. And my traps are twice as big as yours bro.
    Yep it’s all about heavy weight for traps bro.
    And Yep I do full range of motion shrugs with 400 lbs. Everyone with big traps does.

    Muscles dont grow from full range of motion. They grow from stimulus. Period.
    He talks about time under tension then says full range of motion. He entire reason you do half reps or 3/4 reps is to increase time under tension. Lol

    Conclusion. This guy is small and weak and doesnt know PISS

  4. Although this guy is actually educated in muscle building, his delivery is a bit off. Johnny O. Jackson has the best traps ever. Have you ever seen him and Branch work traps? Completely opposite of what this guy is preaching. While I agree with his assessment of slow, controlled movements growing the muscle, shrugging 400 lbs. not as slow for reps will also work. I agree with the comment by Matty Jackson, he should actually have traps that are blown to be an expert on how to grow them. JMO.

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