WATCH: Hafthor Bjornsson Shatters World Record With 1041 Lbs Deadlift!

Hafthor Bjornsson won’t stop getting stronger.

While bodybuilding may be a priority on this website, Generation Iron takes time to appreciate the other strength sports as well. Weightlifting of any kind will always be associated with bodybuilding as in reality the efforts of any kind of resistance training means building up the body in some way or another.

This past weekend at the Arnold Sports Festival we were given the chance to see something extraordinary as Icelandic powerhouse and Arnold Classic Strongman champion Hafthor Bjornsson was able to shatter the world record in the deadlift. How much weight was he able to lift? Well, Hafthor Bjornsson once again defied expectations and to an extent human logic as he pulled an astonishing 1041 Lbs!

While bodybuilding is exciting in it’s own way, watching a man lift an insurmountable amount of weight is always a sight to behold. Take a look at the world record making feat as Hafthor Bjornsson makes a 1041 lbs deadlift look easy.

What do you think of Hathor Bjornsson and his world record breaking deadlift?

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    • Imran Younas don’t get wrong Imran, I used to train with the legend Lee Marshall in forum chelmsley wood and Dino’s Solihull them emporium Lee was 50 squatting 8 plates a side , it is impressive what these lads lift , but same time I’ve had rota I juries doing 460lb flat bench . They had to lift it off me same time tore inner left pec- that wasn’t pleasant I’ve got torn right bicep( have u seen pictures ) doing reverse grip deadlifts. NHS won’t operate . £3500 to reattach the bicep to elbow tendon through bupa, I got tendinitis through heavy triceps extensions , knees ok, shoulder still bit dodgy but back slipped L4/5 prolapsed so my powerlifting are over if love to meet you for chat. You’re good on diet and overall knowledgable I’d really enjoy a day with you or pop over on evening whenever is permissible for you, I could do third fri sat sun easier me come to you rather you to me because of your schedule I’ll inbox u my mobile u let me know yours I could do with a good chat with a fellow lifter, we could exchange thoughts and I’ll show you my new bone broth!!! I’ve found out bone broth helps with IBS along with my Aloe Vera plus I can eventually bring all your stuff over. Do you use maltodextrin for a complex carb after training got a fresh 5kg bag here if you want for free. Got tons of the stuff nowhere to put it

  1. I feel that Powerlifter Ray Williams Squats 485kg (1,069 lbs) Raw at the Arnold was more impressive, nothing taking from Thor but putting 1069lbs on your back and going down and up with it is much more impressive !

  2. Fuck but hafthor made it look so easy… Eddie man I don’t think the man has any haters the world over.. I freaking love him, Beast!!! I think only Hafthor doesn’t like him

  3. BS…that’s Brad Castleberry’s warm up…the “Mountain” ain’t nothing next to Brad! (when your sarcasm is so advanced…people think you are stupid)


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