A recent post from Kevin Levrone has sparked speculation of another bodybuilding comeback.

Not too long too, Kevin Levrone made a bodybuilding comeback returning to the pro stage that got fans extremely excited. While he didn’t place high at the major competitions he participated in (including the Mr. Olympia), it was less about the placing and more about getting back into massive shape and putting his physique out there for the fans again.

Before this, Kevin had made a lot of hints at comebacks for years. Honestly, many were surprised when he finally actually did it – because he had been talking about it for so long. Which brings us to his latest post on Instagram – a post where he didn’t directly state he was making a comeback but explained how he was working with new medication and attempting to build 15 pounds of muscle in 11 weeks. Is this part of some sort of prep to return to the stage?

Content Partner Williams Fitness was intrigued and did some investigating online and directly messaged Kevin Levrone for an answer. While he hasn’t given a direct statement yet – there is a lot of pieces coming together that makes Williams Fitness believe he may return to the stage even if it’s only for a guest posing.

Again, Kevin Levrone has hinted at comebacks many times before with no action taking place and at this moment it’s all just a rumor. But check out Williams Fitness’ video above and let us know what you think. Is this reaching or something to keep our eyes on?

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