No fake weights. Just a mind blowing impressive lift.

Kenny K.O. has made it his mission to call out fake weight lifters on the internet for some time now. But today is a bit different – Kenny is actually highlighting someone who did a no question very real lift that is unreal: A high school student squatting 1,025 pounds. Just that sentence sounds impressive but it’s a whole other thing to actually watch it. Not only that, but Kenny K.O. gives a great breakdown and commentary as he watches the video along with you. It’s the perfect motivation for your Friday – so check it out above!

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    • He’s my son. I get a little hot when juice heads start talking mess. Btw at the end of a meet, the highest total from all three lift are added together. Highest total wins. Doesn’t matter what lift most of it comes from.

    • This is social media , people are allowed to have an opinion. All i said was nothing on his insta of him doimg chest shoulders or arms and then you go crying like a lil bitch.
      Your doing a great job as a father , your son has 4 bellys and is not even 18. Well done champ 👍

    • Yes he is a champ. No thanks to you. Awesome how bullies tend to stay bullies and negate accomplishment. Learn the sport and learn to support. We can’t do roids like some people and worry about ascetics. That’s for people with issues with egos. My son 19 and enjoys what he does. Hope your not someone’s father cuz that shit comes around. Ascetics are skin deep but being a shitty human being goes right down to the bone. He’s got more that this vid out there. Just another D-bag leaning on social media to make himself feel better. Don’t get it twisted, he works way harder than you he just has different goals. Sorry he doesn’t look like you. I know that bothers you. Good job letting everyone on social media know that. 👍

    • Lol but hurt daddy goes on social media to defend any comment or opinion anyone has on his obese son.
      All i said was nothing on his insta of him doing shoulders , chest or arms and your getting all upset bahaha. Best taking your son away from the spot light if little comments like that are going to make you whine like a lil bitch.
      Speaks volumes of the kind of person you are… you say everyone is on steroids cos your whole family are obese. Try taking him out for a run instead of squats before he dies of a heart attack.

    • Will A Craig thanks for keeping this going juice
      Nothing we do is any of you business anyway. Go back and read half wit, it’s about squats not about arms or chest. That’s exactly what I said. Speaks plenty about you calling people bitch. Spot light? Well haven’t seen any of you “lifts” featured. Check out who comments, positive- from real lifter who compete. Negative – from gym bros and other who don’t compete or are so juiced but still can’t keep up. I think you might be on a roids rage but not sure. I don’t supposed your even from American. Well unless you think you have “rights” cuz you have a FB account and that some how makes you entitled. Enjoy that. Well enjoys what ever happens as long as it happens.

    • I remember when it happened. It was a while ago. I don’t see how it’s physically possible at that age. That ray Williams numbers and ppl say he’s the greatest squatter of all time, or will be

    • He used to come to my high school in Jourdanton Texas to lift with us since he knew my coach. He was 14/15 at the time squating around 600 raw. That was about three years ago. The kid’s real, man

  1. He hit 854lbs raw! Some dispute his 1025lbs because of depth. But let’s face it, at 18, to be able to even stand with 800+ on your shoulders is damned impressive.
    He’s 18!! Potential doesn’t begin to describe him! Give him 5yrs with the right guidance and free of injury, this kid will be shutting a lot of mouths.

    • 804 raw squat the summer before this or about 8-9 month 4-5 of football then back u def the bar. Look up a guy named Carl Raghavan I think he’s in your area. Good dude he’ll know About this kid

  2. First off strength is genetic. There are 1000’s of others who eat and train the same as him and can’t do 1/2 that. And second I totally believe he’s natural and here’s why. He’s about %40 bodyfat. If he was lean and lifted like this then clearly that’s not naturally possible but when your super fat and strong combined with superior genetics it’s possible.

  3. Funny thing is, heaps of comments calling this fake yet, International Powerlifting referees are present. Free POWERLIFTING GEAR to anyone who wants to try an prove it’s fake!
    100% real.


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