Excuses are a well planned lie when you don’t want something enough.

We want to ask you a simple question: are you hungry enough? It sounds simple enough on the surface – but really ask yourself and think if you make a lot of excuses. Sure, you may be a bodybuilder, but are you being the best bodybuilder you can be? Are you hungry enough to become the best possible physique? Or do you cheat every once and a while? Sure, we are all human but if you WANT this enough you’ll find ways to overcome those bad habits. Our friends over at Makaveli Motivation have put together a bodybuilding motivation video that might enlighten some of you – you might not want this hard enough. That might be the reason your physique isn’t as good as you want it to look. There’s no secret. There’s no tip or training variation that you are missing. It’s as simple as this – you just might not be trying hard enough.

You might not even think that you are one of those people – but watch this video above first and take a real deep look into your training, diet regimen, and willpower. If this video doesn’t give you a kick in the ass – you’re doing it wrong.

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