Will Big Ramy be remembered as an overrated bodybuilder of his time?

Over the years and for many fans, Big Ramy has been seen as the coming of a new era. He was believed to be the one to take down Phil Heath with his massive size (as soon as he can get his conditioning pulled in). But of course, that didn’t happen. Instead Shawn Rhoden took down Phil Heath and Big Ramy showed up with a lackluster physique compared to the year before.

This story seems to be on repeat. Even before Phil Heath was defeated – each Olympia fans would praise and expect Big Ramy to win the Mr. Olympia. Each year he fell short. So now the question becomes whether or not Big Ramy will ever earn a Mr. Olympia title at all – or will he go down as a missed opportunity with no Sandow trophies under his belt.

That’s the question that content parter Williams Fitness asks in his new breakdown video. More specifically, he asks whether or not Big Ramy will be remembered as an overrated bodybuilder. By breaking down his competitive history and quality of physique, Williams Fitness tries to best formulate an answer. You can check it out in the video above!

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