Brandon Curry is going through a massive transformation.

Brandon Curry has had one hell of a career these past few years. What once looked like a bodybuilder on his way out transformed into a skyrocketing ascent into the top levels of Men’s Open bodybuilding stardom. He is now a true threat at the Mr. Olympia and if what we’ve seen in 2019 is any proof – we might see not only the best Brandon Curry yet but the most freaky Brandon Curry ever.

This makes things interesting for the Olympia later this year – with a brand new champion coming back to repeat his title in the form of Shawn Rhoden, the stakes are very high and Brandon Curry is hungry to earn a first ever Sandow trophy. Will it be enough to take down Rhoden?

The latest look we’ve had at Brandon Curry’s physique comes from his recent guest posing compiled here by Fazi Fitness. Check it out above and let us know your thoughts on what the future will hold!

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