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Kenny K.O. analyzes Mike Locksley’s epic wall sit. Is it real, fake, or just overall stupid?

It seems a new trend is spreading through the social media world of fitness – and that’s weighted wall sits. It sure looks impressive to stack a shit ton of weights onto your legs so high without falling down. But as Kenny K.O. points out – no matter if it is real or fake this is just plain stupid. All it takes is one tumble for the weights to come crashing down in a direction you can’t expect – and that can lead to injury.

Regardless, Kenny’s job is to find out if these are real or fake. And so he takes the video to task and his results are… well not quite conclusive. It certainly seems real with no obvious red flags. But if it is real he just shattered a world record by 400 lbs. So what do you think? Watch the video above and decide for yourself… just don’t try it at home.

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