Recent footage of Roelly Winklaar showcases what might be his biggest physique yet.

Roelly Winklaar just doesn’t stop growing. That’s been the pattern of his career over the past few years. Each and every competition he shows up in – he appears more massive than before. The world shakes at his feet and whatever limit we thought there was for this talented competitor seems to be broken with each passing year.

Of course, this might not be a good thing for competing. As we all know through cases like Big Ramy, while mass monster size is overall favored by judges these days – if it comes at the cost of conditioning you won’t become an Olympia champion. This has plagued Roelly Winklaar in his later showings. That being said, last year’s Mr. Olympia was his highest placing ever. So perhaps he is on the right track for Olympia champion status.

Only time will tell – but in the meantime we have a new video compiled here by Williams Fitness showcasing Roelly’s current physique. And holy sh*t he just might be the biggest we have ever seen him in his entire career.

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