Jay Cutler gives advice to Shawn Rhoden on what he should be doing to stay Mr. Olympia champ in 2019.

Jay Cutler knows what it’s like to to enter back into the Olympia stage after winning the Sandow Trophy. It’s a totally different experience. You are no longer training to defeat the reigning champion – you ARE the reigning champion. Now everyone is hungrier to beat you at the top of the mountain. It’s a psychological shift in perception that can very strongly affect how you prepare for the big show.

Shawn Rhoden is a new Mr. Olympia champion. It’s his first ever win and first time coming back to the stage on top rather than tryin to earn his place up. So what advice could Jay Cutler give him on how to handle that first time returning to the stage as a champion? The answer may be simple but it’s something that has to be drilled into the ground every single day. Shawn Rhoden most make Mr. Olympia training his number one priority. Not later but right now.

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