Jay Cutler gives his predictions for who will land top three at Mr. Olympia 2018.

Last year’s Mr. Olympia competition was a truly exciting moment in bodybuilding history. For the first time in seven years it seemed as if someone might actually defeat Phil Heath. That came in the form of not only Big Ramy, but also William Bonac. In the final comparison call outs both Big Ramy and William Bonac were switched into the middle spot and bumped over Phil Heath. This was a huge sign that the judges were considering not giving Phil the first place spot. Of course, in the end Phil Heath ended up wining the first place spot and solidified his seven year reign as the Mr. Olympia champion.

But was 2017 simply a tease or a major shift to come in 2018? Jay Cutler gives us his opinion as to what the Mr. Olympia 2018 will look like – and he still believes that Big Ramy and William Bonac will hold up against Phil Heath for the top 3 spot. Of everyone, in his opinion, Big Ramy is the only person who can come close to beating Phil… unless Kai Greene comes back to the stage – but that’s a totally different story.

Check out the video posted by Fazi Fitness above and let us know if you agree with Jay Cutler’s statements!

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