Image credit: Instagram/Generation Iron Brands LLC

Jeremy Buendia gets into an Instagram war with Dexter Jackson and Shawn Rhoden gives training update.

Jeremy Buendia has been making viral rounds on the internet lately because of his Men’s Physique rant and how he believes the division is being disrespected by other athletes in the industry. This has caused many to give their opinion – one of which being Dexter Jackson. This in turn, has caused Jeremy Buendia to fire back and he holds nothing back in his video statements. Will this ignite into an Instagram battle? Will Dexter Jackson further engage?

Our content parter Fazi Fitness compiles Jeremy’s statements with other key pro bodybuilder updates this week including Roelly Winklaar enjoying some time off and Shawn Rhoden hitting it hard in the gym as he preps for the next Mr. Olympia. Check it all out in the video above!

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