Jerry Brainum previews his June 2017 Applied Metabolics Newsletter.

You may know Jerry Brainum as a man with 35+ years of experience working in the bodybuilding industry. You might also recognize him more recently as the star and knowledge base of our digital show Straight Facts. He also has his very own newsletter that goes far more in depth than any digital show can – with over 80 pages of deeply researched information all revolving around bodybuilding. The newsletter is called Applied Metabolics and you can check it out here. But you can also get a preview of this month’s newsletter in the video above.

This is the next level of facts when it comes to understanding the applied science behind your training, diet, and supplements. Watch the preview above and decide for yourself if you want to subscribe further. You can also check in with us here at the Generation Iron Fitness Network every Tuesday for new episodes of Straight Facts With Jerry Brainum.



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