Kai Greene gives some insight into Phil Heath and Big Ramy at the 2017 Olympia.

So, the 2017 Olympia is already in our rear view mirror and for some individuals it means talking about the event is fastly becoming a tired topic. Well, to those people we say you just haven’t been looking for fresh takes on the the situation. There was so much controversy at the event that it’s easy to think that many people in the bodybuilding world had their own opinions on the Olympia. One such individual is bodybuilding veteran Kai Greene.

Facing off against Phil Heath a number of times and even outpointing him on a few occasions, Kai Greene has his fair share of insight on his old rival’s physique. In the video courtesy of Fazi Fitness, Kai Greene discusses the differences of Phil Heath and runner-up Big Ramy’s physiques and the strategies that either man need to employ to outduel the other.

What do you think of Kai Greene and his take on the Olympia?

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    • Nick I like your comments and more over Kai beat Phil on several occasions but because of politics in Mr Olympia judging they’re always giving it to Phil.
      But in reality Phil has been beaten on several occasions by different people,the likes of Dexter that time they gave him 2nd place,Kai beat him 3 times in a row but they were placing him 2nd on all those occasions and this time around Big Remy beat him hands down but they’re keeping on playing their politics
      In fact they should change the name from Mr Olympia to Mr Las Vegas, since it nolonger has any significance

  1. Kai gave the most realistic perspective on this phil vs ramy nonsense. Phil haters are trying to make it a big deal, and talking shit about him. Phil is the winner, get over your hate. Talking about the bubble gut, just look at the pumping room video, you will see nearly all of the bodybuilders who were competing had it, but they successfully hide that during the posing; Phil failed there.

  2. You people do realize that kai would never win because of politics right? Kai could beat him pose for pose and still lose. Kai decided why waste time and just go get more money then the O could offer in the long run.

  3. As always Kai says a lot but nothing.”Ramy is a big guy, Phil can become to small from conditioning, Ronnie was a big guy, Winkler was present ….” ‍♂️….blah blah blah….you’re all over the place and still a quitter. FACTS

  4. Can’t beat Phil when he has the IFBB and Flex behind him. Kai knows this. There’s no good in beating a dead horse. I Don’t think anyone likes the perpetual second place as Jay was to Ronnie for all those years. Ramy made Phil look like a 212 class. The world seen that and have taken note. Arnold Classic is the competition to be in these days. Mr Olympian lost a lot of credibility this year.

  5. I love Kai..Never really liked Phil, I just think he doesnt have that inspirational touch which has characterized former Mr. O’s. He even blocked me on Instagram, he does that often haha. BUT, his physique is just amazing. Kai will never have a better physique than him At this level, genetics do play a huge role. No wonder he calls himself the gift.

  6. Did Kai Green Compete in the last several Mr. Olympias??

    And yet has tips on how one can beat the current champion?

    Does Kai green compete at all in a big circuit like the Mr. O, at all??

    Just curious….

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  8. Agree with what Kai is expressing. Take the example of Frank Zane, pound for pound inch for inch 1 of the best ever. But on a today stage would get lost though his conditioning would be superior. We probably have reached a point where u just can’t compare the era’s. The game had changed too much.

  9. Lol. Phil didn’t play the size game. Heath beats Ramy 10 times our of 10. Ramy needs to adjust to a consistent Heath. The idea that anyone thinks Ramy is remotely close to Heath is laughable. I had Ramy in 3rd l, behind Bonac. Ramy is Big, no doubt. But you add too much size & he fades away in conditioning. You take too much away (2016) and he looks stringy in comparison. Ramy is good, but he’ll never beat Heath.

    • Lol. I would assume that you watched it online. There’s nothing that Ramy has on Heath; his size is all over the place. He has huge legs, but undersized calves. And while his upper body is good, he doesn’t come in good enough condition to dethrone Heath. Phil has won with straight firsts since he started his reign. Also, an aging Heath? Lol. Ramy looks at least 10 years older. I’ll watch Heath win his 8th from the Orleans Arena.


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