This motivational video starring Regan Grimes showcases why he will become a bodybuilding star.

While it’s exciting to look at the current crop of top pro bodybuilders throughout the year and on the Olympia stage – it is important to keep an eye on the young generation that will one day rise up to become the new legends. While only a very limited few make it to that level – part of the excitement is finding out who has that potential. Regan Grimes is one of those people and this latest motivational video by Varyjer Motivation showcases just how much passion and talent this young bodybuilder possesses. Check out the video above!

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    • Raj Gill yes mate I am jelous… There taking the basic amount to grow.. And then becoming a pro.. Then there taking rediculas amount.. To grow to get a pro card…. And then there nothing else you can take… And you then you stalemate… With health issue… Bodybuilding is art… And takes time to create… Can’t be rushed..

    • Jealous? I feel bad for the guy getting so successful at such a young age knowing if he keeps taking those drugs he will die a short life shitty but its the truth its not normal for a 23yo to look like he does i can guarantee you he’s not going to live long.


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